CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Government Guidelines

In order to minimise the possibility of dispersing coronavirus through the air it is important to ensure that dirty laundry is handled appropriately. Clothes and towels are one of the many ways in which germs can be spread and most germs can survive on fabrics for some time. We have the facilities to conduct washes which kill most bacteria and germs therefore minimising the transmission risk as much as possible. 

The government has advised that those individuals and their families who are coming out of a period of isolation (7-days for individual isolation and 14-days for household isolation) should ensure that all items are washed appropriately to stop the possible dispersion of the virus or any other germs. 

We can take care of these cleaning needs for you and welcome any items such as regular clothing, personal laundry, bedding, curtains, towels and drycleaning.

What do you need to do?

Please do not shake your dirty laundry. 

Simply put all of your laundry items together in a bag.

Once your self-isolation period has ended and you have waited 72 hours either drop your items off to us in store, or call us to arrange for our free collection and delivery service (available on orders over £20). 

We will handle the rest and ensure your items are appropriately taken care of by our expert team. 

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