Garment care advice

  • Remove the polythene cover you receive from the dry cleaners before putting them away. This will allow them to breathe and help to protect their colour.
  • Hang your clothes outside before putting them in the wardrobe, away from sunlight, after wearing them for a few hours
  • Don't store anything in the pockets and remove belts as this puts a strain on the seams and may distort the fabric
  • Clothes stored for a long period of time should be cleaned and stored in breathable garment bags
  • Deal with stained clothes as soon as possible. Stains left unattended usually develop and damage the fibres and dyes of the fabric
  • Never rub stains. Blot with an absorbent towel - one piece in front and one behind. Rubbing stains can damage the materials and dyes
  • Do not be tempted to remove any stains with water, white wine or soda water. These usually make the stain more problematic and harder to remove
  • Always clean outfits together. If there is ever a slight colour loss it won't be noticeable

Help us give your clothes the best service

We employ the latest technologies, the best cleaning chemicals on the market, and use highly skilled workers to ensure your clothes are cleaned to a high standard.

Without your help and some initial clothing care, we wouldn't be able to reach these standards.

Always inform us of any stain

When you bring your clothes to us, please inform us of any stain that may be on your garments.

This will ensure we use the best possible procedure to process your clothes and aid in the removal of stains.

Invisible stains such as fruit juice and perfume aren't noticeable before cleaning. These stains usually show up after the cleaning process and by then are set by heat, making them impossible to remove. Informing us of all your stains will help greatly in the removal of stains.

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